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Food Tour Fun!

What is a food tour?

A food tour is a professionally guided tour of the local food and beverage scene in a particular town. Most tours have multiple stops at different locations. Food tours are a great way to get a taste for local ingredients, as well as to learn the history and culture of the region, especially in regards to how it influenced the development of the cuisine. They're typically conducted in groups, but smaller or private tours may also be available. A few examples include a walking tour of the restaurants and shops in a particular neighborhood, a bus tour of a city's ethnic neighborhoods, or a bicycle, motorcycle, or Segway tour. Also, they'll usually cater to dietary needs and restrictions!

How long does a food tour last?

Typically, a food tour will last 2-4 hours.

How much does a food tour cost?

Food tours can range anywhere from $30 - $200 per person. Longer tours with more amenities usually cost more.

Is all the food included?

Usually the food is included, however it will depend on the tour operator. Many include tasting samples, but you may be responsible for purchasing full entrees and certain beverages. Before booking a tour, just ask the tour provider to clarify what's included and how much additional spending money you should bring.

Read a few food tour testimonials!

"While in Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) we experienced an amazing food tour with Saigon Street Eats. Each person in our small group hopped on the back of a motorbike being driven by a local guide and sped off! We wound our way through the rush of the Saigon streets amid the throngs of scooters, bikes, and cars. It’s surprisingly calmer than the pedestrian view of the traffic! We ended up in a locals-only neighborhood and ate the tastiest and largest portions of any food tour I’ve been on. Seriously, don’t eat before you go! Our guides gave us tips on how to discern good street food vendors from the sketchy ones so we would feel comfortable on our own during our travels. Some of our favorites included the crepe that you stuffed with a variety of fresh greens, mint, cilantro, chicken and shrimp, and of course pho! Truly, it was a highlight of our 2 ½ week vacation!"
- Doug Orens

"My husband and I took a Culinary and Plantation Safari Tour deep in the Dominican Republic’s jungle. It was a 5-hour tour in our own personal dune buggies where during the first half, we learned about the method and the process of growing and making coffee, along with chocolate, coconut oil, various fruits, vegetables, and local vegetation. We were also given a live demonstration of chocolate making and had a chance to sample and buy some of the delicious treats and products. During the second half of our tour, we stopped in a village with no electricity or running water to have an amazing lunch prepared by the locals for us. We watched them prepare, then devoured, a dish called sancocho, a traditional soup made up of rice, red beans and meat. They also served a traditional Dominican spiced goat called chivo encendido, tapas and my personal favorite, red sweet beans with cream for dessert. By far one of the best, and most authentic, tours I have been on!"
- Jared Jacobus-Massie

"One of my favorite food tours is Savor Seattle’s Pike Place Market tour and two years later, my kids, husband and I are still talking about how much of a highlight it was. We got so many tastes it was almost a meal! Not only is it delicious, it gives you some history of Seattle, how the market itself evolved and a once-over on the local culture. We met our guide by the colorful, funky gum wall, experienced the famous fish throwing, wove our way easily through the huge market and left knowing the best place to make a picnic and have great clam chowder! We are planning another trip to Seattle this summer and will do the tour again our first day. Doing it early allows you to go back to your favorites a few times throughout the vacation."
- Carolyn Orens

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