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Martine Coupal-Sikes

We’re ready to dream again. To inspire. And to remember how much travel does to renew our minds, our bodies, and our souls.

Where is your Dream Destination?

Martine “The Dream Maker” has been in the travel business for over 40 years fulfilling her clients’ travel dreams. She was born in Montréal (Je parle français), raised in West LA, and has always been passionate about exploring different cultures and cuisines from around the world. She is a Certified Travel Counselor and a member of CLIA (Cruise Line International). Martine has her finger on the pulse on the world’s best destinations and is constantly educating herself on the latest travel experiences. It’s all in the details, she thrives to make your experience unforgettable. Having Martine in your back pocket is the ultimate travel tool.

She specializes in:

-High-end Leisure Travel

-Corporate Travel


-Wellness Retreats

-Family Vacations

-Budget Travel