Speak with a Travel Consultant


Dina Moody

Twenty eight years of sales and customer service experience within the travel industry as a corporate agent, reservation agent for International Tour Operator and twelve years of on-site corporate travel and special events planning for a multi-national manufacturing company. I have extensive experience in all aspects of group, incentive & meeting programs. I love my job and favor the corporate travel side of the business, I enjoy giving great customer service and take pride in my work.


What’s your travel style? 
The beach is my idea of a true vacation — laying on the sand doing little or nothing. Reading and watching the tide come in and out is all I need.

What are your three favorite travel essentials?
• Sanitizing wipes
• Good book
• Open heart

What is the most beautiful beach you have ever set foot on? 
I love the white sandy beaches and clear waters of the Bahamas. While it is not my all-time favorite destination, I think it has the most beautiful beaches.

What do you love the most about traveling?
While laying on a beach doing nothing is my ultimate vacation, I do love to travel and experience other cultures. For me seeing a school bus or kids walking to school in far away places and third world countries always warms my heart. While many equate wealth and our U.S. lifestyle with happiness, travel teaches you this is not true. I have seen happiness and joy in unexpected places. Travel can be humbling and life changing when you open yourself up to other cultures. 

What is your favorite travel destination? What is the thing that no one should miss when they visit? 
Portugal is a favorite destination. I love the Estoril region — about 20 minutes by train outside of Lisbon and Sintra. The sea walk between Estoril and Cascais is full of European charm, but with small fishing coves and villas mixed in with great beaches. A sangria on the sea walk overlooking the beach is the way to end an afternoon. I love the walled city of Obidos with its cobblestone streets. There you can pop in to a small bar and try Ginjinha, a cherry liqueur. Portugal has it all — the metropolitan area of Lisbon, quaint beaches, castles, fishing villages — and it's super easy to get around and see it all.

If you could have one meal again from a past travel experience, what would it be and why?
One of my top meals was on a wooden peir at La Rosa Nautica, a restaurant located just down the highway from the cliffs of Miraflores, Peru. The ceviche is the best I've ever had and my mouth waters thinking about it.

What was one of your favorite tours that you have been on?
Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves) tour was a highlight in Mallorca. There are stalactite formations that look like crystals dripping in underground caverns. The end of the visit culminated with a classical concert on the illuminated subterranean Lake Martel, one of the largest underground bodies of water in Europe, with a float across in a little wooden row boat.

What is one of the most memorable experiences you have planned for a client? 
A visit to a local orphanage in Cuzco, Peru. The guests were able to donate school supplies, clothing etc. The children at the orphanage were so appreciative and they had a talent show. Seeing the connection firsthand between the guests and children was so memorably and meaningful.