Speak with a Travel Consultant


Leslie Wahlgren

I specialize in bringing luxury and adventure travel to the path less taken. I’ve traveled in 73 countries and counting across 6 continents. My heart is in Asia and Africa, but I am well-versed in travel throughout Australia/New Zealand, Europe , French Polynesia, and South America.

In 2023, I traveled to London with my family for their first time visit! In the last 3 months I have traveled to Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal before hosting a 7-night Seabourn Cruise from Rome to Lisbon! I have just returned from Cartagena, Colombia before boarding the new Explora I sailing from Cartagena to Barbados! It was fabulous! Next up for me: New Orleans, New York City, Amsterdam, Kenya and Tanzania!


If you could have one meal again from a past travel experience, what would it be and why? 
I love Indian, Vietnamese, and Thai food! Actually, I love all types of food. With that in mind, while in Nepal, I had the best chicken momos (they look like dumplings) I have ever had! It was in this tiny little town and I was thrilled to support local tourism. They were 12 for $3.00 and I would have easily paid double that! I have never tasted momos like that again. 

I also went to a place called Pho 2000 in Ho Chi Minh. Former Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton have both eaten here. The restaurant is filled with locals and tourists alike for the best bowl of Pho I've ever tasted for about $2.00 a bowl.

What travel experience would you highly recommend to ALL your clients?
I HIGHLY recommend private tours or small group tours whenever possible. They allow you to move at your own pace and the ability to see things in a way that allows you to ask questions, learn, and experience with a guide who specializes in the area. Private tours are not inexpensive, but they are truly worth every penny!

What is one of the most memorable experiences you have planned for a client? 
One of my favorite things ever was helping a client plan a proposal while in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With the help of an amazing tour supplier, we came up with different ideas for the couple and finally decided on a romantic dinner in a cave after a hike through the jungle. We had everything set up, complete with candles, roses petals, a bottle of bubbly, some wonderful appetizers and a photographer hidden to capture the moment when she said yes.

What travel experience did you have that outdid your expectations and completely surprised you?
My honeymoon to France, Switzerland and Greece absolutely surpassed everything I could have ever imagined. 

The hotels I chose were beyond anything I could have imagined in my head. From the décor, the location, the service and the attention to detail to make my husband and I feel as we were royalty was incredible. The amazing thing was that I also realized that it wasn't special treatment as I saw them treat every guest the same exact way. It was genuine, incredible hospitality.

From the moment we left home to the moment we arrived back home, everything was impeccable. The private transfers, VIP meet and greets the minute the plane door opened to whisk us right through customs, private tours/guides — it was ALL extraordinary. I remember having a moment while eating dinner at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower that it was all so surreal. I was thankful to my planner and then realized I had done all of it! In my 16 years of being an advisor, I had never taken SO much time to plan a trip for myself. I always plan for my clients, but go with the flow for myself. And then, VOILA! I was shocked beyond belief and truly grateful for every single incredible moment. It was a trip I will never forget and one that taught me the value of what I do.