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Elisa Tomasino

I am proud to have worked in the travel industry for over 25 years! What I love most about my career is the vast opportunity for growth. I enjoy expanding my knowledge of the world’s most beautiful and exciting locations. I am always in-the-know about the next big thing! The challenge that I embrace every trip is to work and rework the pieces as if they were parts of a jigsaw puzzle. The result is a detailed picture that matches your preferences, even your dreams! I am here to listen carefully to your preferences, offer suggestions, share my expertise, and save you time and energy!

Signature Travel Expert


Thank you Elisa for arranging our wonderful anniversary weekend. You always know the best places to stay.

Sarah Reiser

Over the years Elisa Tomasino has arranged many trips for us. Every one of them, from custom tours of Egypt, to private guided tours of Israel, to quiet stays in the Alps, to active Mediterranean Cruises, all were flawless because Elisa's dedication to detail. Elisa is even working for us throughout our trip to ensure the best experience. I can't imagine traveling without Elisa's professional advice guiding us.

Barbara & Tom Graham

Elisa Tomasino is exactly the person we need for both our domestic and international business travel. Elisa is good at finding the most for our budgeted dollars, even on those last minute, hard-to-get-to locations. Elisa is excellent at dealing with complications and adjusting travel plans to meet our managers' altered schedules. She relates well to those in the field and works with them to make their time profitable.

Columbia Showcase & Cabinet Co., Inc.
— Sun Valley, CA