A Day on the Beach: Spending a Day at Casa Dorada

Recently, I went on a Princess Cruise sailing along the Mexican Riviera, making stops in Puerta Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas.  Instead of doing a shore excursion or staying around the port, I was given an opportunity to spend a day at Casa Dorada, a beachfront resort in Cabo San Lucas.  For those traveling on a cruise ship as I was, you can see the hotel from where the ship docks off the coast.


Just about a 5 minute cab ride and you arrive to the front of Casa Dorada, and the second you walk through the doors you are swept away by its beauty.  Visible is a large lobby with an internet café, and just beyond and down the stairs is a large, high ceiling bar and lounge.  I was later informed that the bar has live music and entertainment every evening and is a hot-spot for the hotel and those from neighboring resorts.  The room is incredibly bright and spacious, leaving you with a combined sense of comfort and luxury.  Right away, we were greeted by friendly staff (all of whom speak both Spanish and English, for the travelers who may be concerned) with warm smiles and even pina coladas! A perfect way to keep cool in the summer sun.14801114_10153837039976813_1757019890_n

Before spending time outside of the hotel, we were able to take a look at the gorgeous rooms.  Each of the 150 rooms is either a suite or a junior suite, complete with a balcony facing the ocean and full kitchen or kitchenette, depending on the room.  On top of this, the entire hotel including the rooms have marble floor.  The rooms are very spacious, with a bedroom, living space, and dining table, and have large bathrooms that create a luxurious and relaxing environment.  Though I did not personally experience it, there is also a spa and gym on-site.

Once we were done seeing the room, we went and saw the outside with both the pools and the beach.  There are two pools on the property, one with a swim-up bar and another with a volleyball net across the way.  There was also a nearby kids play area, proving that this hotel is for couples and families alike, and provide many opportunities to give parents some alone time.  Alongside and down towards the beach were their 5 restaurants lined up.  The restaurants had a wide variety of options, ranging from sushi, to pizza, to of course, Mexican.  While I was there, they were just finishing renovating their new restaurant, set up to open in the middle of November.








The hotel is one of the only swimmable areas nearby, as the current gets pretty strong depending on what part of the Cabo shores you are on.  The waters are – no kidding – crystal blue and a perfect temperature.  It seemed like it was straight out of a dream!  And directly across the beach, you can see the famous arches of Cabo.  There are plenty of beach chairs, as well as many cabanas.  Wherever you are lying down, someone will come and bring you an umbrella should you request one. 14877161_10153837040151813_160164876_n

There is a bar on the beach, with waiters walking around to help ensure your relaxation.  I don’t think I can emphasize enough how friendly and attentive the staff were.  They really made my day there so pleasant and made sure I was well taken care of.  Our server, Laura, was incredibly sweet and came around every 30 minutes or so.14826303_10153837040271813_1783494269_n


The only food we had time to try was their calamari, which was some of the most delicious I think I have ever had.  While we were there, it happened to be happy hour, and provided great deals on food and drinks, which was a plus.  However, the prices for the beach bar are already very reasonable.

Our time to go back to the ship came all too quickly, and as we left the hotel they gave us a pack of cookies to take with us.  They will call you a cab at your request, and they come fairly quickly, no more than a couple minutes.  While you wait, you can take your picture in their own face-in-the-hole!


If anyone plans on staying in Cabo San Lucas, I would highly recommend this hotel.  It simply can’t be beat, with its gorgeous views, delicious food, and attentive staff, it has everything a traveler could want, all in one spot.  I know that the next time I go back, it will be for longer than just a few hours, because it simply wasn’t enough!

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