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I recently had the opportunity to visit Cabo since the hurricane last September.

Please be sure that you advise clients that it can take along time to get through customs upon arrival.   It took us over 40 minutes from the time we entered Cabo to departure.


I was lucky enough to connect with In Cabo (inbound operator) who sets up wonderful day trips, whom I have since learned can do a meet and greet and avoid the lines (must have carry on luggage upon arrival).  Email:


Esperenza rooms have all been updated with beautiful décor (average room is 950 square feet) with most rooms having their own jacuzzi.  Remember there are 2 – 4 bedroom villas and residences and great for family.  However, the main hotel does not allow children and have their own pools.








Esperenza is part of Signature and includes breakfast and $100.00 spa treatment.  We had dinner at Esperenza one night and then one night at Flora Farms (known for their delicious farm-to-table entrees).  Reservations must be made in advance.

Please contact Jerilyn Walker for any assistance in booking the hotel.  Email:



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