Dove Mountain Mini Blog

For many years, I have heard of Dove Mountain Ritz Carlton but had never had the chance to stay there until recently.IMG_0526

Have you ever dreamed of escaping and being with mother nature?  Dove Mountain can do just that!


Dove Mountain is 1.5 hours from the Phoenix airport and approximately 20 min from the Tuscon airport.IMG_0529

It sits in the mountain, secluded and in it’s own little world.   The rooms are large and luxurious with view of the mountain.

There are a ton of things to do at the resort, including: hiking, golf, bicycling, and relaxing by the pool.  At night, one can sit around a bonfire with s’mores (what could be better than that, right?).


Hikes can be set up with the hotel or you can explore on your own.

It is truly a “destination resort” and great for outdoor enthusiasts who still want some of the comforts of homeIMG_0515   .

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