Rosewood Mayakoba

I have never seen such chatty, happy hotel guests…

I’ve traveled to many great resorts across the globe, but it wasn’t until I spent 3 nights at the Rosewood Mayakoba that I experienced such chatty happy hotel guests.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen so many happy, relaxed, satisfied hotel guests at many great resorts around the world, but the culture created by the staff at Rosewood Mayakoba is something rare.  The staff is really like a family, and they are there to make sure you have a great time.  So, why do I comment on how happy the guests are?  Well, to sit by the pool and see all the guests talking to each other, introducing themselves to each other to chat, just saying “Hi” as they pass each other is so special, and I think it comes from the staff, and how they interact with everyone.RM 1

Each room has a Butler who knows you and takes care of whatever you need.  There are a number of other hotel staff that roam the property who know all the guests, when they arrive and when they leave.  They ask how their day was, what they have planned for tomorrow, and provide guidance and input, as needed.

My Butler greeted me when I arrived, and made sure I had a ride to my meeting each day.  He cleared me for a spa service, and made sure I had a late checkout (without asking him) on my last day so I could enjoy a little beach time.  He, also, made sure he took my order for lunch so he could have it ready in the car for my ½ hour transfer back to the Cancun airport.RM 5

The hotel management cultivates this family, welcoming atmosphere.  They have created a hibiscus garden where they grow flowers they leave for guests, they offer a communal gourmet dinner in the garden 4-5 times per week for 20 to 25 guests so they can all interact with each other.  There is an abundance of pool and beach staff so anything you need gets done.  If you’re in the shade and the sun moves when you start to move your umbrella someone is there to help before you know it.

The resort is pretty spread out, but there’s plenty of golf carts driving around to get you where you want to go.  You can also borrow bikes to keep at your room so you can ride all around the resort.  When I enjoy a beach resort, it’s always a question as to enjoy the pool or the beach…..well, at Rosewood Mayakoba, you can do both at the same time.  The infinity pool is right at beachside, there’s a beautiful wood RM 4deck on either side of the pool, beach and beautiful warm water on one side, and the pool and pool chairs on the other.  You can hear the waves from where you sit.  If you like the beach there’s a long stretch of beach with plenty of chairs to enjoy the sand.

There are number of different types of rooms.  There are rooms on the lagoon, rooms near the beach, rooms with plunge pools on the 3rd floor that have amazing views of the coastline, and beach side suites with plunge pools right on the sand, just to name a few.  There are so many rooms and locations on property, you’ll definitely find the perfect place. The resort is spread out but it is definitely not overcrowded or busy, and it’s one of the most perfect resorts I’ve visited.RM 6

There’s 3 different dining venues, plus room service, and the 4-5 nights a week garden dinner.  There’s Italian, Asian and Mexican.  As I was there for a meetingI didn’t get to the Italian restaurant, but the sushi at the Asian restaurant was great, as was all the dishes I had RM 3at the Mexican restaurant.  The tacos I had for lunch were fantastic, and dinner in the garden, Le Ceiba, is something not to miss.  At $150 per person it may deter some people, but, the unlimited wine and drinks are the best quality and the food is amazing.  Aside from the salad course, we had a fish course (local fresh catch and lobsters) and then a meat course (lamb and pork) with some great vegetarian options.  Also, a few of the hotel management teams, also, have dinner with the guest each night at Le Ceiba.  Remember, in Mexico, RM 2they serve the tequila at the end of the meal…helps you sleep………

Although I was only at Rosewood Mayakoba, it’s one of my favorite places…….it’s only 4 ½ hours from Los Angeles, and ½ hour from the Cancun airport, but, well worth the travel time…..and while you’re there make sure to try the Mescal, as it’s great and gets you in the mood for your Mexican Rivera vacation.

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