In today’s social media world, it seems that you’ll always find some new great place or destination from a posting….. something that peaks your interest or inspires you to learn more. Well, that was the case for me and I ended up at an amazing resort in Switzerland….Burgenstock Resort on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

Opened a little more than a year ago, the resort encompasses four hotels. The 5-star Burgenstock resort, a Health & Medical Excellence Center, and two other 5-star hotels. However, the Burgenstock is the flagship property and well worth a visit.

Spending only 2 nights at Burgenstock was not nearly enough time.  When I arrived, my first stop was the iconic infinity pool over-looking Lake Lucerne ~ even at night it’s spectacular!  As you wander through the indoor and outdoor parts of the pool, there are different water features you get to turn; the Jetstream to massage your legs, the bubbles to tickle your feet and toes, hot water spilled over your head, and many others.  Then downstairs are a number of other pools and saunas.  There’s even a floatation pool (filled with salt water) where you can put your head back and effortlessly float (more relaxing than you can imagine).

Aside from the pools and spa, the restaurants are great. The main restaurant, Spices, is a mix of 4 Asian countries; Japan, China, India and Thailand…with each dish prepared by a chef from the country of the dish’s origin in a beautiful display kitchen. There is also fine dining, a BBQ restaurant, and a pub on the property, all with wonderful food and settings.

There are a number of hikes in the area starting right from the resort, or you can take the funicular to the lake shore and take the hourly ferry to the quaint town of Lucerne.  We had a short city tour to give us the history and areas of the city, then explored on our own.


The resort is just about 90 minutes from Zurich airport and an easy and beautiful drive.  Just a few hours past the resort you’ll find another beautiful Swiss town called Lausanne.  Much like the Swiss version of San Francisco, Lausanne has some great hills to walk up and down, great food and stores, as well as beautiful views of Lake Geneva in the French speaking region of Switzerland.  (Burgenstock is in the German speaking part of the country).

In Lausanne we spent one night at the 5-star hotel, The Royal Savoy, also part of the Burgenstock resort group.  The other Burgenstock hotel is in Bern called the Hotel Schweizerhof Bern.  The Royal Savoy is a great base to explore Lake Geneva, the surrounding areas and walking through the streets of Lausanne.

From Lausanne to the Geneva airport is about 30 minutes.  This is a great Swiss holiday where you can fly into Zurich and end in Geneva with some great resorts along the way…..

~ Steve Orens



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