The Hotel Bel-Air

Staying at the Hotel Bel-Air takes you back in time to the glamour of 1950’s Hollywood heyday. It is ‘old’ Los Angeles seclusion and serenity in the heart of the exclusive Bel-Air community. From the moment you drive in to the front gate, you know you have arrived into a world known only by a few. The staff wastes no time in opening your doors with the first words spoken are “welcome to the Hotel Bel-Air” as they dutifully get your bags out and have them sorted.

When you step into the lobby area, you are greeted with immaculate wood floors, modern furniture and art work that is exquisitely matched to the vibe of the property. The front desk staff greets you by name even as you walk up to the desk to check-in. They know when you arrive and are ready to check you in so that you can start your stay at the property. The staff reviews all your Signature Travel amenities to ensure your stay not just meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

Once we were all checked-in, we were off to explore the meticulously groomed grounds along with the flora and fauna and at every step of the way, all staff that were out on the property acknowledge you with a warm welcome and good afternoon. As you walk through the grounds to your suite, you lose sight of the fact that you are mere minutes away from the hustle and bustle of L.A. The Hotel Bel-Air enjoys a prime address that still feels removed from the tourist grid, an air of sophistication, a unique personality, and generous service.

The Hotel Bel- Air channels much of what people love about Los Angeles and Southern California. The hotel offers seclusion even at the understated. They have an elegant pool where there are maybe 40 chase lounge chairs, and you have two choices of poolside menus to order from; a short stack menu with finger foods or an abbreviated full service menu from the onsite Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Then you can dive into the crystal blue water as you sip on your ‘rita or specially made mojito to cool off.

Romance is the name of the game when you step inside your suite at the Hotel Bel-Air. From the updated wood inlaid ceilings with surround lighting you control with the touch of the iPad next to the bed, to the plush blankets adorning the bed and finally to the fireplace in the outer room. We were met at the suite bar with a handwritten welcome note and Champagne accompanied by chocolate covered strawberries and almonds.

Our staff member that welcomed us to the room took the time to make sure we understood and was comfortable in how to use what seemed to be unlimited 21st technology that permeates the entire suite experience. You control almost every aspect of the suite with the supplied iPad giving real definition of what a ‘smart’ room is all about. I really enjoyed customizing the in-room experience to my preference.

Our suite offered a dramatic over-sized soaking tub and full double rain shower complete with Anne Semonin bath products and an LCD TV. Our suite also included a half-bath, making getting ready for the day a breeze. It was really nice to have ample counter space for our personal effects.

As if the property and suite wasn’t enough, we were also won over by value-added amenities like complimentary breakfast and an ongoing spread of free coffee and tea. I especially enjoyed the French roast coffee at our table and the fabulous Wolfgang Puck menu. The wait staff is always on their game and make sure you are well taken care of.

In the evening, the adjoining lounge is the place to go to wind down your day’s activities. The property is beautifully lit up so you can stroll around the property or go back to your room. The Hotel Bel-Air is the perfect place to go to when you want a secluded and romantic getaway. And because the property is located just minutes away from the famous Sunset Strip, you are close enough to enjoy the many restaurants and night life L.A. has to offer and then return back to the cradle of elegant sophistication. I highly recommend The Hotel Bel-Air to anyone looking for that perfect “L.A. lifestyle experience”.


~ Mike Doil


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