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It's hard to believe January is already more than half way over. As the months pass, instead of only dreaming about the next vacation, more and more people are starting to plan them. In our first newsletter of the year we cover the benefits of crafting your travel plans with an expert, share some of our favorite California road trips, and give you ideas about the planning you can start so that you have something to look forward to.

Benefits and recommendations for crafting your travel plans with an expert planner

For anyone who loves to travel, the desire to get
out and go has never been greater. But the
logistics and planning have never been more
complicated. Now more than ever, using the
services of a professional travel advisor will
provide you the confidence, peace-of-mind, and
meaningful experiences you have been cravings.

In these crazy Covid times, road trips have been
immensely growing in popularity. While we can't
exactly travel internationally (and sometimes even
to different states), the beautiful state of
California has more than enough for us to
explore. There are endless ideas out there to
keep fueling your travel stoke.

CA Road Trips
Planning for travel in 2021 (and beyond)

"What's the best travel planning I can do now? I
really want to have something to look forward
to." I've heard this a lot lately and want to share
some thoughts and ideas to get you inspired to
begin that well-deserved and anticipated travel

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