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After hardly traveling for over a year, and as more destinations become more accessible and COVID protocols are being reduced (or eliminated) due to the decrease in cases, I find myself out on the road traveling again, almost as much as before. After 15 months it’s great to get out and explore the country again – and the world in the near future. In the past few months, I have traveled to Hawaii, Ojai, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and finally Sonoma County (just outside Napa Valley).

In all my recent travels there are few things that really stand out. While not yet back to pre-COVID crowds, it’s getting there. Airplanes and airports are full again, resorts are not ghost towns any longer, and most of the staff are glad to not only have a job again, but thrilled to have guests and passengers they can serve. However, while hotels and airlines are running almost full again, they still have some jobs to fill and retraining to be done. So it’s important to understand that you will have a great travel experience now, but you might need a little more patience. While the service may be a bit slower at times, in most cases the smiles and care are there (which helps a lot).

A few pre-travel hints:

  • Make sure we are aware of your preferred travel providers and which ones you have Elite status with. It helps when picking up rental cars, checking into hotels, and at the airport for check-in, boarding, and seat assignments. 
  • Make as many restaurant reservations in advance as possible. With everyone heading out and enjoying some of the most popular destinations, the best and most popular restaurants are booking up well in advance.
  • Explore some new destinations! While we have been sending a lot of people to Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean, we’re also creating great experiences for clients in Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, along the East Coast, and more. I’ve traveled all over the world and it wasn’t until this year that I explored Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and also the Cascades in Washington.  And I can’t wait to go back.

After over a year of staying at home, travel is making a comeback. Things are booking up, and booking early. We’re booking cruises for 2023, hotels and air flights through next year, and making sure we do our best to get as many reservations as possible booked for our clients. With all the pent-up demand, the time of uncrowded airports, empty planes, and low airfares and hotel rates is gone. I’m saying this not to discourage you, but to set the right expectations. Cruise, hotel, and airline rates will only be going up, availability will only be going down, and options will dwindle. Now is the time to make sure we can help you plan the trip (or trips) you’ve been waiting to take.

We look forward to hearing from you. And please let me know if you have any questions, need any more information, or want to see some of my recent travel photos.

Steve Orens

Steve Orens
President, Plaza Travel

Make Sure You're Ready to Travel Again

As the light at the end of the tunnel gets
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that you've done everything you can to
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some small hiccups along the way, overall
the trip was a success and everyone had a
great time!


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