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Our October Newsletter

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Happy Fall! As we head into the autumn months I know many of us did not think the pandemic would still be making daily headlines. However, as things move forward many of us and many of our clients have found a new normal, a new comfort level, and a renewed desire to travel. Over the past 18 months many domestic destinations have been very popular, and if you’ve traveled to any of them, you know what I’m talking about. Among the most popular include Hawaii, Western United States destinations, the California Coast, the Low Country (Charleston, Savanah, Bluffton), as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. We’ve had clients exploring Europe with no crowds and great rates and they've reported having amazing trips. While cruising is just starting back up, 2022 looks to be very busy (based on the current demand). One of our cruise partners recently reported their biggest day of reservations by 40% (yes 40%) over their previous best day ever. 2022 is booking up, and any Future Cruise Credit you have should be applied ASAP as the cruise lines advise they will not be extended.

As you read through this quarter’s newsletter you will find highlights of just a few of our amazing team. We have highlighted these advisors to provide you with some behind the scenes insight. Our participation in travel industry advisory boards, as well as our travel experts and specialists, provide every advisor under the Plaza Travel umbrella with some great resources, experience, and peers to tap into to ensure your travel advisors know the best of the best. I myself sit on the Travel + Leisure magazine advisory board, as well as other advisory boards, which allow me the insight and advanced information to make sure all of our advisors are steps ahead.

Enjoy the newsletter, please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to reach out at any time.

Steve Orens

Steve Orens
President, Plaza Travel

Meet three of our Signature Travel Expert Select advisors

Signature Travel Network is an organization
that includes more than 11,000 travel
professionals who share one objective: to
serve the unique needs of discerning
travelers. Within the network, there are a
few advisors who have such extensive
knowledge and experience in specific areas
that they've earned the title of Travel
Expert Select.

If there’s one thing this past year and a half
has taught us it’s that change is inevitable.
The travel industry may be one place this
has happened more than any other. When
policies and procedures change, travel
companies look to their advisory boards to
help decide what those changes should be.
We have multiple advisors and staff that sit
on different boards, and often their choices
affect how you travel.

There are endless reasons why people
choose to travel and so many types of
travel to choose from. Sometimes we travel
to get a break from our daily grind, other
times it's for business, sometimes to
celebrate a special occasion, and other
times it might be for something very
specific, like hunting down fall foliage.
Whatever your reason, one of our advisors
is likely to specialize in what you're looking
to do.

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