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Welcome to the summer of revenge travel... Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that statement on the news or from friends. From a travel agency’s point of view, it’s real! Our advisors have been very busy making reservations and creating experiences for all of you and many of your friends. We are finding that summer space is extremely difficult to find and prices still seem to be a bit high. However, that being said there are still some great “finds” out there. As long as you’re a little flexible, we can generally guarantee a great vacation for you this summer.

Looking ahead, please reach out to us sooner rather than later. As summer continues to fill up, many clients are looking farther into 2022 and many into 2023. Cruises are still a great value and are very popular. If you’ve been on a cruise, like I have, I bet you can’t wait to get back out there. If you haven’t been on a cruise yet, now’s the time. Generally considered the cleanest and safest travel product, procedures are stepped up even more now. I know there has been a fair amount of unfavorable news about cruises, but the reality is cruises are the only segment in travel required to report everything that happens, and these stories generally increase viewership. But overall, most of our cruise clients have at least one or more cruises already booked. Ask your travel advisor for some information to review. There are a host of smaller expedition ships and more are scheduled to come out in the next few years. We recommend reserving now so you are assured the best choice of cabins.

As you read through this quarter’s newsletter I’m excited for you to hear from our advisors who have been traveling the world. Ilene has just returned from Switzerland, Jill and Jodie just got off an Azamara cruise to Greece, and Leslie spent two weeks in Australia. Hearing from our advisors will give you great insight into the joy and fun of travel, with a little reality of what it’s like traveling now. As a team we’ve also been busy together. We’ve hosted more than 50 clients to get their Global Entry, went on a hard hat tour of the new Conrad Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, Let’s Travel’s advisors met for a park picnic, and our friends at Four Seasons shared all that’s new during our first office visit in over two years. We also want to share some very exciting news that JPMorgan Chase has acquired Plaza Travel and FROSCH Travel, and we look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on.

Thank you for your time reading this quarter’s newsletter, and thank you as always for your trust and confidence in us when planning and arranging your travel needs. Please keep in touch.

Steve Orens

Steve Orens
President, Plaza Travel

Where We've Been Lately

Our advisors have been on some exciting
vacations in the last few months – from
traveling through Switzerland to cruising
the Greek Isles and spending two weeks
Down Under. Check out our advisors'
photos and stories from their recent trips!

There are many benefits to working with
a Travel Advisor when you plan your
vacations, and since the pandemic,
planning travel has become more time-
consuming and complicated than ever
before. Here's why you should use a
Travel Advisor to plan your next vacation.

Since our last newsletter in April, our team
has been busy helping clients with Global
Entry, visiting a new Los Angeles hotel,

catching up in the park, and more! Plus,
learn about a new exciting change for
Plaza Travel and FROSCH.

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