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Our October Newsletter

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Welcome to Fall! By the time October arrives, I always look forward to the changing of the seasons. Well, in California I have less “change” than many of you, but it’s still welcomed. I’m so happy to share this quarter’s newsletter with all of you. After a few years of staying close to home, I know many of you have begun traveling again and seeing all the joys the country and world have to offer. As many have coined, this was the summer of “revenge” travel, and it has been a busy one. For those of you who traveled, I am confident you noticed the same thing I did… travel is back!

In this newsletter you’ll find some great reviews on a variety of places we’ve been. Enjoy my view of the Galapagos, Terri’s trip to Ireland and Scotland, and Patty’s experience in Cabo San Lucas – all different types of vacations, but all special in their own way.

Additionally, I am happy to introduce you to some of our new team members. Roxanne, Sharon, and Kim all work under the FROSCH brand and I’m happy to include them on the Plaza Travel team for additional experience and support. They are all wonderful advisors and come from diverse backgrounds.

Enjoy the newsletter, we hope the information and articles inspire and inform you. Have a great Fall. Please reach out to me or your Travel Advisor if you need anything at all.

Steve Orens
Steve Orens

Steve Orens
President, Plaza Travel

Where We've Been Lately

Our President and advisors have been on some
exciting vacations in the last few months – a
luxury cruise through the Galápagos Islands, a
two-week jaunt through Ireland & Scotland,
and a quick getaway to San Jose del Cabo.
Check out the photos and stories from their
recent trips!

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Where our clients are traveling

Need a little inspiration on where to go next?
Check out some of the top destinations and
experiences that our Travel Advisors are
booking for their clients right now. Whether
you're looking for a beach getaway, VIP flight,
or bucket list vacation – we've got you

As we have continued to grow with FROSCH,
and more recently JPMC, we have also
continued to grow our company with the
knowledge and expertise of new advisors. In
the last few months, we have welcomed three
new Travel Advisors to our team. Click the link
below to learn a little bit about our newest
team members!

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