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Our Advisors Top Travel Tips
October 10, 2023

A lot of thought goes into getting ready for a vacation! That's why we decided to ask our Travel Advisors to share their top travel tips with you. We encourage you to read the tips below, you may learn something new that you've never done before!

Accessories for travel

"Within a few days before a trip,
forward yourself a copy of all electronic
confirmations in one email so you can
access from your phone or hotel
computer in a pinch."

"Pack a day of clothes in your carry-on
in case your luggage gets lost."

- Doug Orens, Vice President, Plaza Travel

"For international travelers, email a copy of your itinerary and passports to a trusted person back in the states. In the event of emergency or theft, it is easier to contact your trusted person than to contact everyone yourself."

"Download the "Pocket Travel" app by AXUS on your mobile phone prior to your travels. It is the most efficient way to keep all your travel documents in one place."

- Donna Wolfe, Independent Travel Advisor, Plaza Travel

"Keep at least one credit card in the
hotel safe in case of emergency."

"Put one of your shoes in the hotel safe
so that you don't forget to empty the
safe when packing to leave."

- Ilene Koenig, Independent Travel Advisor,
Let's Travel

Credit cards

"Pack comfy shoes, drink lots of water, and wear moisturizer!"

- Alix Latini, Luxury and Entertainment Concierge & Disney Travel Specialist, Plaza Travel

"For any international flights, I always try to take something homeopathic that helps with the jet lag!" 

- Dana Hirschel, Independent Travel Advisor, Mimosa Travels

Luggage on carousel at airport baggage claim

"Mobile Passport Control (MPC) allows
eligible travelers to submit their travel
document, photo, and customs
declaration information through a free,
secure app on their smartphone or other
mobile device. It's a lifesaver if you're
not part of Global Entry."

- Carolyn Crook, Travel Advisor,
The Cruise Company

"When choosing a line at airport security, pick the line where people have the fewest carry-ons so you can get through quicker."

"By being culturally aware, you can recognize and appreciate other people's beliefs, customs, and values to interact with them without prejudice or judgement. This leads to more cultural connections and fewer conflicts arising from cultural differences."

- Jared Massie, Travel Advisor, Plaza Travel

"Let your credit card companies know you will be out of the country. If traveling to Europe or Asia, call your cell provider so you can change your texting plan to cover texting outside of the US or you will return to a huge bill."

- Bryan Aidem, Independent Travel Advisor, Plaza Travel

"Allow plenty of time for checking in at
the airport. Lines are extremely long for
TSA and Clear as well. It is better to
have too much time at airports rather
than cutting it close."

- Gayle Botti, Independent Travel Advisor,
Let's Travel

Business people walking with suitcases at airport

"Don't forget to pack your medication in your carry-on, not in your checked luggage."

"Make sure your have your passport with you before you leave home and that it's valid for six months after your return date."

- Raye Said, Travel Advisor, FROSCH Woodland Hills

"If you must fly with a checked bag, attach an AirTag or other GPS tracking device to your bag!"

- Aly Foret, Travel Advisor, Plaza Travel

Woman relaxing in a hammock at sunset on the beach

"Be flexible. Travel today comes with a
lot of unexpected changes. Go with the
flow, make the best of the situation and
it will all work out. Then enjoy your

- Denise Schaefer, Travel Advisor,
Plaza Travel

"Pack copies of your passports and put the copies in your traveling companions' bags. And do the same for them!"

- Barbara Ashley, Independent Travel Advisor, Where In the World Vacations

"If you're traveling from Kona airport, go to gate 11 and wait there. It's a new gate with air conditioning and new bathrooms."

- Steve Orens, President, Plaza Travel

"Lock your suitcase before flights and always put a business card inside your suitcase in case ID tags get damaged or lost."

- Terri Myerson, Independent Travel Advisor, FROSCH Woodland Hills

"Bring lots of patience – staffing is still
low in many places, travel demand is
high, and many things take longer than

- Uly Silkey, Independent Travel Advisor,
Plaza Travel

Interior of an airplane with passengers

"Have a caring and knowledgeable Travel Consultant."

- Flora Plant, Independent Travel Advisor, FROSCH Woodland Hills

"Pack in a carry on."

- Lainey O'Connell, Independent Travel Advisor, Plaza Travel

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