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Our Quarterly E-Newsletter Apr. 2018

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Happy Spring! Can you believe it's already April... we can't! With summer approaching quickly, we're thinking about our upcoming vacations. Where are you going this summer?

In our second newsletter of the year, we're going to explain what a DMC is (and how they relate to travel), how you can help protect animals when you go on Safari in Africa, and share a few tips on how to achieve better lighting in your photos.
What's a DMC?
What exactly does DMC stand for? Well, if
you remember the 80's, you'll probably
think it's a band (Run DMC) and if you
look in today's Urban Dictionary, you'll
think it means "deep meaningful
conversation." Anyway... DMC for our
purposes means Destination Management
Company. The phrase refers to our valued
and dependable travel partners that are
based in cities and countries our clients
travel to all over the world.

Did you know...?
Passports should have at least 6 months of validity when traveling internationally.
Most countries will not permit a traveler to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least 6 months after the final day of travel!

Geotagging on Safari
We all love looking at beautiful pictures
of animals in Africa. Thanks to social
media, when your friends or family are
out on Safari, you can see those pictures
long before they get home. What a great
way to share in their excitement and see
Africa without getting on a plane. The
downside is, there are other people
looking at those pictures as well. People
who don't just want to enjoy how
beautiful these animals are.
We know that taking photos is a huge
part of traveling, so we've decided we're
going to feature photo tips and tricks in
most of our future e-newsletters. This
time, we're giving you suggestions on
how to easily adjust your exposure
settings for better lighting in your
photos. If you ever have specific
questions or suggestions, please

Our recent Global Entry Day at our Encino office was a huge success! Watch for our next Global Entry Day email reminder so you can skip the lines next time you're at the airport!
Please reply to this e-mail if you'd like more info.

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