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How to Deal With a Cancelled Flight

We’ve all been there. Looking forward to a great vacation… and your flight gets cancelled! So what do you do?

Well, that depends on a few things. Most importantly, if this is the day of travel or not. If you’ve booked your flights with us, typically your agent will get notified and reach out to you to make the changes and accommodate you on another flight. Depending on how far before travel this happens, you might find out first, either via a phone call, text message, or email form the airline. In that case, be sure to reach out to your agent ASAP so they can take care of you.

But we know there are times that you make your airline reservations on your own, using miles, or just a quick trip on Southwest, or any number of other reasons. If you haven’t booked with us, we can’t access that record. So if that’s the case, and even if you booked with us (which we hope you always do!), here are some tips for you. If you are already at the airport when you, and everyone else on your plane, find out that your flight has been cancelled, call the airline! Everyone will rush to get in line at the service desk, and you can do that too – while you’re on the phone – but those alternate flights are going to fill up fast. You have a much better chance of getting that coveted seat on the next flight by calling in and talking to someone right away than if you wait with everyone else who is trying to do the same thing.

There are policies in place that if your flight gets cancelled by the airline (weather and acts of god are not covered), the airline has to get you to your destination as quickly as possible and pay for certain costs if your delay lasts longer than specified in their contract of carriage. These rules and compensation vary by airline, and are updated occasionally so it’s hard to give specifics here. But, below are links to a few of the larger carriers' policies if you want to take a look. These are fairly long and cover a lot more than cancelled flights, but are here for you if you’re interested. So, while we always hope everything goes smoothly when travelling, hiccups do occur, and we hope that this information is helpful should you find yourself in this situation.






Written by Doug Orens, Vice President, Plaza Travel

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