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Apr. 2019

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Happy spring! The weather is finally getting warmer, flowers are popping up, and summer is just around the corner. Do you have your summer vacation planned yet? Where are you going this year?

In our second newsletter of the year, we'll share a
photo tip you can apply in any situation, highlight a few new and upcoming ships in the cruise market, and tell you about the MyTSA app to make traveling easier.

Photo Tip: Don't Forget About the Background
Read how changing your perspective can give you a new interesting background
When taking pictures it’s very easy to be
so focused (no pun intended) on the
subject of your photo that you don’t give
any thought to the background. There
are a number of things you can do that
have an impact on the final image.

Keeping up with all the new, upcoming
cruise ships can be difficult... there are
hundreds of ships cruising the globe and
there's always multiple new ships in the
works. We're sharing a few that come out
this year or next.

Read about new and upcoming ships in the cruise market


Did you know parts of the Great Wall of China are made with sticky rice?
In some parts of the structure, sticky rice was added to the mortar which made it stronger than other parts of the wall with "riceless" mortar!
The MyTSA app makes traveling easier
Get the MyTSA app to make travel easier
Have you ever wanted to know how busy
the airport will be on a specific day, at a
specific time? Or what the current
weather is at your departure airport?
Want to check what's permitted on your
flight? The free MyTSA app will answer
those questions and more!

Want to skip long lines and keep your shoes on at the airport?
We'll be hosting Global Entry Day at our Encino office this summer.
Ask your travel advisor for more info!

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