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Our Quarterly E-Newsletter
Jul. 2019

Read Our Summer Newsletter!
We hope you're enjoying summer and the warm, sunny weather! Where are you going this
summer, or where have you already been?

In our third quarterly newsletter of the year, we're going to share a few friendly
reminders of things to take care of before you leave on vacation, highlight a must-see
destination—New Zealand, and suggest a few great books to read before you travel.

Reminder to take care of these things before you travel!
So it's almost here, only one more week
until you leave on that next dream
vacation. You're starting to think about
what to pack, or maybe you've already
packed (way too much) a few weeks ago!
In addition to bringing the right clothes,
there are a number of things you can do
to make sure everything goes smoothly
both on your trip, and at home while
you're away.

Last month the U.S. State Department increased its standard passport processing time
from four to six weeks to six to eight weeks! Be sure to renew your passport early if it's
going to expire soon!

New Zealand is a must-see destination!
One of our travel advisors, Denise, loves
New Zealand so much that she's already
been four times! With every visit, she
discovers something new to love about
the beautiful destination. From bike
riding through vineyards in the
Marlborough wine region to ziplining in
Queenstown, Denise has done it all and
stayed at some of the most beautiful and
luxurious properties on the island. Her
most recent trip to New Zealand was in
October 2018. Read more about her trip
on our blog!

Visa requirements for U.S. travelers are constantly changing! On June 17, 2019 Brazil eliminated visa requirements for citizens of the U.S. for stays up to 90 days.
Do you need a visa for your international trip? 
Find out here!

Suggestions for great books to read before you travel!
Have you ever read a book about the
destination you'll be visiting before you
leave for your trip? Imagine reading about
characters exploring Italy and then going
to those same places yourself. Our travel
advisors have recommended a few
favorite books they've read before
visiting a specific destination!

Did you know?
Swiss people consume the most chocolate per capita of any country in the world!
Every year, the average Swiss person eats around 20 pounds of chocolate!

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