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Patt was incredibly helpful and efficient. I'm grateful to her for all of her wonderful assistance My trip is off to a good start!

Suzanne Scheld
— Northridge, CA

This has been my first travel experience through CSUN and my first time working directly with Patt at Plaza Travel. The experience has been wonderful, as I know it has been with my colleagues here who have used Plaza as well. Thank you again for everything!

Adam Morgenstern
— Northridge, CA

It was a delight to work with Patt; she booked my flight in record time and made the entire process an absolute breeze for me. This was definitely one of the smoothest processes for booking a flight that I have ever had.

Emanuela Kucik
— Princeton, NJ

I have been helped by Patt C. for years in 2 different positions (here @ CSUN) for professional and personal travel. Patt has been fast, correct and helpful every time. Honestly, the easiest part of State travel is going through Patt.

Larry O'Connor
— Northridge, CA

I want to share with you that as a 26-year employee of CSUN, I have had the enormous pleasure of working with Patt for many years. She has always been and continues to be a rock star in my eyes.

Most recently, she helped me to bring three guests to CSUN from various locations in the US. Two of those three guests asked that their return flights be changed at the very last minute. Not out of Patt's character, she immediately jumped into action and accommodated everyone perfectly. She was even was able to get the change fee waived for one of the return flights because of a related family medical emergency that occurred.

There are not enough words to describe how dedicated and committed Patt is and what a dream it is to work with her and to know her. I know that I can always count on her for whatever I need, and it's done in a timely and friendly manner.

Please accept my heartfelt THANKS to her for taking such good care of your customers!!

Judi Daleke
— Northridge, CA

I LOVE WORKING WITH PATT! Patt ALWAYS exceeds my expectation...I love working with Patt!!!

Matt Reinig
— Northridge, CA

I want to commend Patt on her consistent excellent customer service. My experience and interactions with Patt have been nothing short of amazing!

Minnie Low
— Northridge, CA

I have nothing but the BEST things to say about your staff. Patt and the colleagues she works with have proactively communicated with me regarding flights that have been cancelled, have been there to help me change flights due to circumstances, and have worked diligently with weather delays. In my experiences, your office staff have been fantastic partners in helping us get to where we needed to go and when we needed to get there. Thank you so much.

Della Thomas
— Eugene, OR

I can honestly say that every interaction I have with Patt exceeds my expectations. She is very organized, kind, friendly, and very professional. Nobody likes to encounter issues when they travel, but knowing I have Patt in my corner gives me peace in knowing that she will take care of everything for me! I am thankful for Plaza Travel and for Patt! :)

Heather Holmes
— Portland, OR

It's always something, right? And yet still you provide service with a smile. Thanks for looking out for this group.We always appreciate everything you do for us Patt. I hope you know how much of a pleasure it is to work with you.

Priscilla Samaniego
— Los Angeles, CA

Thanks again Patt. You truly come through for me time and again.

Gary Noesner
— Roanoke, VA

Thank you! The trip was great!!! But, I had too much work and spent most of my day at the conference center, so I barely had any time to enjoy the city. The weather was perfect—like t-shirt weather! Also, I flew on a double-decker British Airlines plane that was seriously awesome. Sitting in Row 81 or 82 in the back of the second floor, by a window, is now my favorite seat ever. Underneath the window, there’s a little shelf that fits in the curve of the side of the plane, and it’s really a side compartment that opens up and you can put your purse in it! So convenient, and so nice to have more room. In the pic of the tiny Coke can, you can see how much extra space there is between the tray table and the wall- it’s like a foot! And sitting in the back meant I was right next to the galley so I was able to get up and get snacks and drinks whenever I wanted—the flight attendants left some out for us even when they’re not there. Will be in contact soon to book a November work trip to Germany. Plaza Travel is great!

Jessica Isomoto
— Los Angeles, CA

I have been very pleased working with Patt at Plaza Travel over the last few years. Patt has helped with professional travel through my work at California State University, Northridge and also with a range of personal travel arrangements for me and my family. She is a great agent and definitely an asset to Plaza Travel. I look forward to continuing to work with Patt and Plaza Travel for my travel needs in the future.

Rob Kent
— Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Patt for years and she is just wonderful and a joy to work with. You are so lucky to have her and I am so lucky to have her as my travel agent.

Beatriz Cortez, Ph.D.
— Los Angeles, CA

As for Patt, she is the best, she goes above and beyond to help and is the true definition of excellent customer service.

Rayetta Esquibel
— Los Angeles, CA

Give Patt Colletto a raise! She went back and forth with me a thousand times until I finally felt comfortable with my 757 aircraft. (I'm a horrible flyer.)

Sue Livingstone
— NY

You are great Patt and appreciate your top notch customer services! Thumbs up! I second, third, fourth ….. millionth your top notch services :)

Cathy Mcleod and Van Nguyen
— Northridge, CA

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for always putting a great product for our traveling needs. Also, Patt is a tremendous person that always works with us to get us the best deals, just a great person overall to do business with. I have also used you guys for my club team travel and it has been fantastic.

Miguel Ruiz
— Simi Valley, CA

Thanks again for such great customer service! I teach business classes for students in the arts and the first day I am going to discuss the difference between good and bad customer service and how students need to deliver the good variety. I might use you as an example!

Diane Roscetti
— Northridge, CA

So nice of you to check up on me. I made the connection in Atlanta by the skin of my teeth. They closed the door right behind me. Still, I made it with major thanks to you. I appreciate that I took a good bit of your time on short notice yesterday and I cannot thank you enough. Being able to get your help in such instances truly makes all the difference. I don't have your bosses email, but perhaps you could forward this note to him. I'm sure they know of your wonderful customer support but it never hurts to get the good feedback you deserve from a customer who values your support.

Gary Noesner
— Roanoke, VA

We made it! In classic American Airlines style, we missed our connection in NYC due to mechanical issues. Total travel time was 30 hours. The good news is that everyone was really nice. Speaking of nice, this Park Hyatt you set us up in really nice! It's elegant, beautiful and the upgrade you got us is a real upgrade. We're in a lovely corner room, and a beautifully renovated hotel. The free breakfast is an amazing European spread. Now we're off to the see the city. You did us a solid, Patt!

Daniel and Natalie Pitlik
— Santa Ana, CA