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Is it really fall again? Time flies. I guess it is true that time goes faster as you get older. It seems like just the other day we were welcoming summer and looking forward to our summer vacations. But the “seasons” are changing, and I don’t just mean the “changing of seasons.” When it comes to travel, the old patterns of high season and low season are blurring. I think Europe in October is amazing – less crowds, better weather, and more opportunities to enjoy some really special places! While there are still many destinations that have the same seasons as before (you can’t see fall foliage in the Northeast in February), there are now some great times to visit so many places during what used to be called “shoulder season.” While you should ensure you can enjoy the activities you want to do in your destination, your ability to travel to some wonderful destinations during a different time of year than you would normally visit is something you should consider. Generally, the places are less crowded, less expensive, and more enjoyable than the higher priced, overcrowded “high season.”

As more and more people are traveling more frequently, and as airlines and other vendors are trying to operate profitable businesses, we are seeing a few more issues happening. Airlines tend to change schedules more often now, and rebook flights at less preferred times. I recently had a schedule change from a non-stop arriving at 11:30am, changed to a connection arriving at 7:00pm. There was an earlier non-stop option, but the automated system picked the connection for me. While things do happen, and things often change, to best prevent issues at the airport, please check in 24 hours in advance. Waiting until you get to the airport greatly reduces our ability to reaccommodate you.

In closing I want to share a few words about our friends in Maui and Morocco. While the devastation in both areas is unimaginable, let us not forget about these destinations in their time of need. In this newsletter you will read about my visit to Maui. Additionally, we had people in Morocco at the time of the earthquake who made it home safely. However, they report that the main damage is in the Atlas Mountains, so the rest of Morocco is open and ready for you to visit. We’ve been to both places and have firsthand experience – please ask us if you have questions!

Enjoy fall, plan ahead, and enjoy exploring the world and revisiting some of your favorite places!

Steve Orens
Steve Orens

Steve Orens
Plaza Travel, A FROSCH Company

Where We've Been Lately


Over the past few months, we've been on
some new trips that we're excited to share
with you – a few nights spent at Las
Ventanas in Cabo,  exploring Croatia during
the first week of fall, and a 15-night luxury
cruise to Scotland, Iceland and Greenland.
Check out our photos and read our stories
to get inspiration for your next vacation!


Getting ready to go on a vacation takes a
lot of planning, prepping, and packing.
That's why we decided to ask our advisors
to share their top travel tips with you!
Hopefully these tips will provide some new
insights and ideas that you can take
advantage of on your next trip.

Our Advisors Top Travel Tips


What We've Been Up To Behind the Scenes
Back in August, many of our advisors and staff celebrated summer together at a Dodger
game! In September, we showed our employees some extra love during Employee
Appreciation Week!
CLICK HERE to see photos from the Dodger Game and Employee
Appreciation Week at our Woodland Hills office!

Visiting Maui After the Wildfires


Our President, Steve Orens, went to Maui
for Signature Travel Network's annual
Owners' Conference one month after the
devastating wildfires. During his time on
the island, he stayed in Wailea and
volunteered with about 450 people from
the conference, then headed to enjoy the
natural beauty of Hana for a couple extra


Fun Travel Fact
Did you know Canada contains approximately 60% of all the world's lakes?
There are nearly 900,000 lakes in Canada alone!

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